• Ira Winderman: Should Heat, NBA be wary of pick packaging? And how much is too much?

    1 month ago - By Bésame

    The notion of “trading a draft” dates back to a moment either of infamy or genius on Oct. 12, 1989, depending on where the focus of the deal rests.
    And, no, for all the NBA's wheeling and dealing, including Danny Ainge's fleecing of the Brooklyn Nets for four first-round picks with the Boston Celtics' trade of aging Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce on June 28, 2013, that hardly stands as sports' “trading the draft” moment.
    Instead, flash back to the NFL almost 33 years ago.
    That's when Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones maneuvered the Dallas Cowboys to arguably the most prolific package of draft...
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