• How Redheads Can Do a Pedicure at Home in 6 Easy Steps

    1 month ago - By How to be a Redhead

    Perfecting the at-home pedicure it's pretty easy, but it will take some practice. Here are a few nail tips and tricks for redheads so you can have the perfect pedicure in minutes.
    1. Remove All The Polish
    It's easy for nail polish to get missed on the edges of your toenails. Try using a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover to make sure you get it all off before you start your pedicure.
    2. Soak and Trim
    If you want the full at-home pedicure experience, soak your feet in a nice warm tub with some bath salts or bath oils to soften and cleanse the skin. Then, trim your toenails and cuticle...
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