• In The Midst of Dry January? These Flavorful Adaptogen Drinks Should Be Your New Go-To

    17 days ago - By Daily Makeover

    If you've been in a trendy grocery store recently, you've probably come across an aisle of brightly colored canned drinks from brands you likely have never heard of. They have botanical ingredients like elderberry or mushrooms that pop up on the label and tout the ability to calm, energize or help you focus. Don't worry-Pepsi and Coke aren't rebranding. These cans are all adaptogen drinks, a popular health-nut approved type of fizzy beverages that are jam-packed with herbs and developed in the hopes that they'll make your body and mind feel calm.
    These ingredients have been used in Chinese...
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  • How Dry January Can Benefit Your Skin

    How Dry January Can Benefit Your Skin

    17 days ago - By New Beauty

    Drop the drinks for a better glow.
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