• Saturday Surfing, Jan. 16, 2021

    1 month ago - By Makeup and Beauty

    Good morning! Guess what...?
    We made it! IT'S THE WEEKEND.
    Oh, yeah. 😊
    OK...so, normally I'm a coffee kinda girl, but lately I've been all about tea, like this one from Trader Joe's. I kid you not, this one is so good. I had it tucked away in my cupboard, buried behind boxes of green tea and decaf green tea, and accidentally noticed it while reorganizing things. The pomegranate gives it a bit of sweetness, and the lemongrass and hibiscus a bit of tart, and it has a good kick to it, too! That white tea, man. It's surprisingly potent! I feel kinda buzzy and shaky right now, which is probably...
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