• Sydney Grace x Temptalia Dear Reader Eyeshadow

    12 days ago - By Temptalia

    Dear Reader
    Sydney Grace Dear Reader Pressed Pigment Shadow is a brighter, light-medium lavender with neutral undertones and a bright, metallic finish.
    For those following along on Instagram, I shared this shade along with three other versions I received for Temptalia. This was shade three , which received an overwhelming amount of support and love. It was the color that I gravitated toward, too, but the coolness of it didn't pair as well with the Radiant Reflection story compared to the fourth shade .
    I also felt that the color was a little similar to Lunar Illumination, which was already...
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  • Sydney Grace x Temptalia Quintessence | 16 Color Combinations

    Sydney Grace x Temptalia Quintessence | 16 Color Combinations

    12 days ago - By Temptalia

    Sydney Grace x Temptalia Quintessence Eyeshadow Palette is available in a Light version and a Deep version. The difference is in two shades, so one doesn't get both versions, but selects the one that makes the most sense for their preference, skin tone, and weighed against the rest of what one already has.
    Each palette is designed to work in the following combinations:
    Below, you'll find nine color combinations using shades that exist in both palettes, and then there are seven additional color combinations using the Light and Deep versions.
    About This...
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