• After Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina led by Messi, renowned Islamic cleric Mufti Menk tweet on the defeat has been described as haram

    9 days ago - By Bésame

    Following Saudi Arabia's defeat over Argentina, famous Islamic cleric Mufti Menk has made headlines for a tweet that bordered on haram on the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
    Mufti Menk said on Twitter, “Things have become a little Messi. Well done SaudiArabia. World Cup vs Argentina.”
    Several of his fans were surprised to find that he liked watching football since they thought it was contradictory with his personality.
    You tweeted about this, Shaykh
    - Muhammad Minhaj Uddin November 22, 2022 delete. This is humiliating
    - November 22, 2022
    Others claimed that watching football is banned in Islam...
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