• ColourPop Billionaire, Stargaze, Duckling, Shiny Penny Jelly Much Shadows Reviews & Swatches

    9 days ago - By Temptalia

    ColourPop Billionaire Jelly Much Eyeshadow is a vivid, light-medium lime green with moderate, warm golden undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish.
    Opaque pigmentation in one layer
    Wet and cool to touch, water-like
    Quickly started to set and applied more like a cream-to-powder eyeshadow
    Applied evenly and blended out well
    * Note: There have been plenty of reports from readers that the packaging for this formula is not ideal and often leads to them drying out within six months, so keep that in mind. I have put all of these shades away and put it on my calendar...
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