• 5 Best Lipstick Shades For Redheads

    One year ago - By How to be a Redhead

    Happy National Lipstick Day! Whether you're a lover of lipstick or just dipping your toes in the water, it's always fun to try new ‘Redhead Friendly' shades. In celebration of National Lipstick Day, here are some approved lip shades for that will complement you:
    Some people might say red lipstick isn't for redheads. Those people would be wrong. Rocking a red lip is just like rocking your red hair, it's all about confidence. Finding the perfect red shade can be tough, so we suggest trying MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo .
    There's nothing quite like pink lipstick and it's perfect for the...
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  • 5 Fabulous MAC Lipsticks to Celebrate National Lipstick Day!

    5 Fabulous MAC Lipsticks to Celebrate National Lipstick Day!

    One year ago - By Makeup and Beauty

    Happy National Lipstick Day, team! 💄🥰💖 I'm going need you to drop the color you're wearing today in the comments, or, heck, even if you aren't wearing lipstick today, what has graced your lips lately? Or, what lip color do you normally wear the most?
    Here are five of my personal faves , and, uh...I wear these colors a lot! There are two bold brights - juicy red and neon pink .
    Of course, there are also a couple of neutrals, namely Velvet Teddy and Half ‘N Half, a.k.a. “The MAC Lipstick Loves of My Life.”
    And then the “in between” color is Model Off-Duty, which is from the Powder Kiss...
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