• Look of the Week: Kendall Jenner swaps trousers for tights

    9 days ago - By Bésame

    Leah Dolan, CNN
    Kendall Jenner's latest street style snap is a masterclass in minimalism, with one notable element missing: trousers.
    The model was this week spotted in Los Angeles leaving a photoshoot in nothing but a pair of heeled slingbacks, black Calzedonia tights and a classic navy knit crewneck. The entire look - including the exposed underwear detail - was fresh off Bottega Veneta's Spring-Summer 2023 runway, and was completed with one of the label's $4,200 brass-handle Sardine Bags and an armful of yellow sunflowers.
    While much of Bottega's latest collection was engineered for a...
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