• Asteroid to Fly by Earth in Passage Described As Among Closest ‘Ever Recorded'

    22 hours ago - By Bésame

    A diagram of 2023 BU as mapped by NASA. The red represents the asteroids's path, the green that of certain satellites. Photo credit: Sceeen shot, jpl.nasa.gov/
    A small asteroid will make one of the closest-ever fly-bys of Earth by a celestial object Thursday, but experts at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena said there's no chance of it striking the planet.
    In fact, the asteroid known as 2023 BU is so small - estimated at just 11.5 to 28 feet wide - that it would burn up in the planet's atmosphere and largely disintegrate if it approached Earth, according to JPL.
    The asteroid is...
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