• Florida man speaks out after spending one month in prison for killing neighbor's rooster

    1 month ago - By Bésame

    A Florida man spoke out after spending one month in jail for killing his neighbor's rooster.
    He said the rooster attacked him and he was wrongly imprisoned, but his former friend said that is not the case.
    James Nix Jr. was arrested for animal cruelty after he was attacked by poultry.
    “I didn't know to give it a 21 gun salute!” said Nix. “CPR? Mouth-to-mouth? Do you know? Or call the chicken ambulance?”
    Big Roo was Jason DeFelice's pet rooster, that is until Nix hit it with a stick.
    “So I'm defending myself!” said Nix. “You know, I was fearing for my safety and the chicken died.”
    Nix also...
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