• This V-Day Manicure Will Set Your Heart Aflutter

    13 days ago - By Beauty Blitz

    Valentine's Day nail art can get cheesy really fast, but leave it to nail guru Jin Soon Choi to make a heart-shaped manicure look incredibly chic. I love the not-so-literal take on a simple heart design, especially when it involves wearing three gorgeous shades at the same time. And if you're not into pinks and reds, switch the color palette to suit your vibe.
    Jin Soon gives me a step-by-step tutorial below. You won't believe how easy it is.
    Photos courtesy of Jin Soon; Design by: Taylor Cox
    Step 1: Apply a base coat like JINsoon Power Coat .
    Step 2: Apply a pink shade on the entire nail...
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  • 25 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That'll Make You Feel Festive

    25 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That'll Make You Feel Festive

    14 days ago - By Daily Makeover

    There's a select few of us who really can't wait until the 31st to let our Halloween freak flag fly-but since wearing a full-on costume every day in October is unrealistic , there's Halloween nail art ideas to hold us over until we can go all out. The added bonus? Halloween nail art totally works for those who aren't all that into dressing up, but still want to feign a costume.
    Even if you decide to go the way of simple black attire and a pair of animal ears a la Gretchen Weiners , you can always dress up your nails as the main event. We've searched through some of the best Halloween nail...
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