• Phone alert by Glendale officials sent to SoCal residents was only a drill - but caused brief panic

    9 days ago - By Bésame

    It was only a drill.
    But possibly millions in Southern California got an alert at about 9:10 a.m. Saturday, May 14, on their smartphones blaring with a message that looked like the real deal. It instructed residents in Chevy Chase Canyon, near Glendale, to evacuate immediately and head to an evacuation site at in Glendale Community College's Parking Lot B.
    No mention with the alert that it was a drill.
    But it was.
    “Glendale fire and police planned for a fire drill exercise this morning,” police Sgt. Shawn Milligan said. “It was mistakenly sent out not described as a drill, and we're...
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