• AURIC Ego Smoke Reflect Eyeshadow Duo Review & Swatches

    1 month ago - By Temptalia

    Auric Ego Smoke Reflect Eye Shadow Duo includes a sparking, warmer pewter powder eyeshadow paired with a dark, grayish-taupe cream eyeshadow. For those who like high-shine, high-sparkle eyeshadows and like a cream eyeshadow that has longer play time, both may appeal. If you tend to wear your cream eyeshadows more sheered out, the darker base of this doesn't quite lend itself to sheering out as readily as other shades.
    PPermanent. $39.00.
    3 0
    A- 9
    Product 10
    Pigmentation 9
    Texture 8.5
    Longevity 4.5
    Application 91%
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