• Danessa Myricks Twinkle & Venus Colorfix Foils Reviews & Swatches

    8 days ago - By Temptalia

    Danessa Myricks Twinkle Colorfix Foils seemed to have a translucent base with a smattering of darker gold and copper flecks of sparkle/glitter. It contained plastic glitter, though it was listed as safe for use on eyes, lips, and cheeks.
    The texture was lightweight, thin, and very fluid, so it was easy to spread out over a larger surface, but one definitely had to work rapidly in order to do so before it set. As it started to dry down , it felt a little gummy, so working with it too far after it started to set made it more likely to bunch up and look less even/more textured.
    It had...
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  • Clionadh Chromatic & Spectrum Iridescent Multichromes Review & Swatches

    Clionadh Chromatic & Spectrum Iridescent Multichromes Review & Swatches

    8 days ago - By Temptalia

    Clionadh Chromatic Iridescent Multichrome Eyeshadow has a translucent base paired with multichrome shimmer and larger sparkle flecks that shifted between peach, yellow peach, gold, and chartreuse. Per the brand, it has a “translucent base that reflects peach-gold-lime.” I was able to easily detect all of the described shifts in person.
    The texture was smooth, lightly emollient, and slightly dense but not too thick or too firmly-pressed into the pan. The product applied evenly to bare skin with a dry brush but had a bit of fallout with that method, so I'd recommend using a...
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