• Checking In From Nordstrom Rack: Incognito Sun Hats, Beauty Throwbacks, the Cutest Li'l Makeup Minis and More

    10 days ago - By Makeup and Beauty

    I swear I'm underneath this hat somewhere!
    Yesterday I went to the dentist for a regularly scheduled teeth cleaning, and even though I love my dentist to bits (she's so good at soothing ‘fraidy cat patients like, ahem, yours truly), I still get big feeeeelings whenever I have to go in. Seriously, childhood dental trauma... That sh*t stays with you for a long time!
    My self-soothing habit is to stop by a store right after any and every dental appointment to browse, and so yesterday I headed to “The Rack” to see what was up.
    I went in looking for a specific thing, a sun hat, because I figure...
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