• Michael Strahan Says Goodbye to His Iconic Tooth Gap

    20 days ago - By New Beauty

    Ex-NFL star Michael Strahan is known for many things. Among them: his legendary hustle for the New York Giants and the gap in his bright smile. While he'll forever be pinned as one of the best football players of all time, the gap is no more.
    According to Strahan's most recent Twitter video, the player-turned-TV-host turned to New York cosmetic dentist Lee Gause, DDS for a new smile. Noting that he'd be met with opposition if he told loved ones he was removing the gap, Strahan tells Dr. Gause in confidence, “You're the only one who knows and you're the best at this.”
    I did it. GoodbyeGap...
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  • Michael Strahan's Said Goodbye to His Famous Tooth Gap: "I Did It"

    Michael Strahan's Said Goodbye to His Famous Tooth Gap: "I Did It"

    20 days ago - By Pop Sugar

    Michael Strahan's famous tooth gap is no more. On March 31, he posted a video on Instagram of him undergoing a dental procedure at Smile Design Manhattan. He captioned it, "I did it," with the hashtag goodbyegap.
    Throughout his football-turned-TV-career, the gap between his front two teeth has become a part of his signature look, so Strahan knew the decision to bid it adieu wouldn't be met without at least some pushback - which is exactly why he surprised everyone with the news.
    "If I go home and say I'm gonna do it, it'll be like, don't do it; if I post, it'll be, don't do it; if I...
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